jsFiddle lorem ipsum

I love jsFiddle! One feature that would make it even better is a lorem ipsum generator. When using Microsoft Word, you can type =lorem(100) and press enter, then it will generate 100 paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum for you. You can also type =rand(100) and it will pull in data from their help manual.

How great would it be to simulate large blocks of text without losing benefits of being able to scan html in a reduced test case? I don’t like losing the basic layout of the HTML panel when being hit with a wall of text.

Here is my proposed syntax for this:

<div data-lorem="100"></div>

Sample implementation

See the demo on jsFiddle!

To use this now

  1. Open a jsFiddle
<div id='words' data-lorem='20w'></div>
<div id='sentences' data-lorem='20s'></div>
<div id='paragraphs' data-lorem='10'></div>

I would love if this got baked into jsFiddle so I could use this without adding the resource!

This is based off of the great loremjs library. My fork (which adds support for non jQuery, changes a couple of the defaults, and wraps contents in <p> tags is here: https://github.com/bgrins/loremjs