HTTP Archive Analysis of News Homepages

Here’s a quick analysis I did for Speedometer 3 about the size of the DOM for some common news sites, in order to support the development of a test covering interactions within a complex news-like site.

How this was done

  • Gather a list of sites from and child pages.
  • Run some BigQuery SQL against the HTTP Archive desktop and mobile crawls from 2023_03_01 to generate the average DOM depth, total element count, number of css variables, and a few other data points. These rely heavily Custom Metrics (with links to the specific metric in the table caption below).

Some more details and the source code to reproduce the results are available at this gist.

The raw and aggregated data is available in this spreadsheet.


DOM Depth
Average Median Max Standard Deviation
mobile 11.99 11 128 7.17
desktop 12.15 11 131 7.36
Total Elements
Average Median Max Standard Deviation
mobile 1856.04 1621 10444 1357.67
desktop 1911.26 1714 10444 1351.03
Total CSS Variables
Average Median Max Standard Deviation
mobile 31.54 0 887 99.59
desktop 34.43 0 887 101.19