Chrome Developer Tools Colorpicker Implementation

A few months ago, I posted about my developer tools concept colorpicker implementation. After that, I was contacted on the devtools mailing list and got some initial feedback. I pulled the jQuery dependency out of a branch on my JavaScript colorpicker using jsfiddle plus the mailing list. From there, I submitted a patch to the WebKit project.

From there, I opened a development case, entitled Web Inspector: Add colorpicker functionality to color swatches in Styles Sidebar. 50+ comments and 10 patches later, the case landed in WebKit. This is really exciting, since it will improve the development experience for Chrome and Safari users. Thanks to all the WebKit developers who helped me along the way with getting the code and UI ready for committing (I needed all the help I could get).

I am planning on sharing more of the technical details and hurdles I had as a first time contributor to the WebKit project in a coming post.


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